Healthy Teeth
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Advices for Mothers-To-Be

My first advice is to eat more calcium during a pregnancy, otherwise your calcium reserve (reserve of Ca is your teeth) will go directly to your baby. As a result after pregnancy women get a lot of caries.

Take good care of your health! Any disease can make problems for your baby. Fevers or viruses (when the mother has it) can damage the formation of baby’s organs or bones (also teeth).

Be careful with medicine – do not take drugs without a doctor’s consultation. There are a lot of medicines which can also damage the formation of organs or bones (medicine such as antibiotics).

Treat all cavities (caries) you have before you baby is born.Thisway you will limit the risk of transmitting diseases (such as caries) to your child.  Caries is caused by a special bacterium, which definitely you have if you have caries.

Do not lick or taste a baby spoon with the food, do not try with if food hot or not. Your saliva promotes a transmission of caries bacterium from your mouth to the baby.

Do not make “wet kisses”, it also promotes a transmission of caries bacterium.

Follow your doctor’s advice about food for your baby and for you to provide the necessary nutrients for the formation of teeth.

A lot of people think that it is not necessary to clean baby teeth –that is wrong! You have to clean even the very first tooth. There is a lot of toothpaste which you can apply from the very first month.  If your baby is very active and does not let you - try to “clean” with help of cotton (with or without paste).

There is an opinion that it is not necessary to treat milk teeth with caries, because they fall out very quickly. That is also wrong! The presence of infection in milk teeth can cause intoxication of the organism (because microbial toxins can be easily absorbed into the blood)? Also, the presence of infection in baby teeth can kill a permanent tooth-which lies in the jaw under the milk tooth.