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Gums are bleeding?

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums surrounding teeth. The most widespread reason for gingivitis is bad oral hygiene. Sometimes the reason can be an improper orthodontic treatment with a combination of bad hygiene. Gingivitis  can also be caused by general diseases such as vitamin deficiencies, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine diseases, etc. But 90% of the cases of gingivitis are caused by poor hygiene.

Symptoms: gums bleeding during brushing, gums become inflamed and swollen with an unusual red colour.

Plaque that remains in the oral cavity long enough will eventually calcify and become calculus. Calculus grows very fast and then fills the space between teeth and gums. At this moment if you don’t take any measures you may lose your teeth.  But there are a lot of cases when inflammation of the gums is caused by the presence of even soft plaque.

As stated calculus grows very fast and it grows in both directions, up and down, and then calculus can destroy fibers (joints) by which the tooth is attached to the gum. After the fibers are damaged the tooth will become loose and you can lose it very quickly.

I can't avoid mentioning that smoking is decreases the defense mechanism of soft gum tissue. Hot air and exposure of chemicals from smoking damages oral healthy.

Treatment: dental visits are necessary because calculus can only be removed professionally with ultrasonic tools and specialized sharp instruments.

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