Healthy Teeth
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How to clean teeth properly?

  • First of all: clean your teeth twice a day.

In the morning after breakfast (not before) and again before going to bed. Why not before breakfast? When you brush your teeth before breakfast you will have a lot of food on your teeth's surface until evening - and such a long time in the end can cause caries.

  • Clean the outer surfaces of your teeth (upper and lower teeth)
  • Clean the inner surfaces of your teeth (upper and lower teeth)
  • Clean the chewing surfaces
  • Brush your tongue, too

Use a different brush for cleaning the tongue. You can buy a special tongue brush for this purpose.

  • It is also very important to use dental floss.

If you do not use floss, it can cause approximal caries (located on the surface between the teeth) which is not visible and  shows no symptoms for several years.

  • Toothpaste.

The preferable toothpaste should be with fluoride. The recommended level of fluoride for adults is 1500ppm, for children – 500-1000ppm. Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to changes in the pH environment of the mouth. One of the most well balanced toothpaste is Elmex.

  • Toothbrush.

The most effective brush is medium of hardness, but it is also ok if you prefer softer or harder. First of all it should be comfortable. And after the cleaning you should feel  fresh  and the absence of plaque on teeth.